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News papers

Suddi News Papers


Suddi Group has four News Paper publications and five online news papers to its credit. Suddi Bidugade Sullia is a weekly started in the year 1985. It covers the news of Sullia Taluk. Suddi Bidugade Belthangady is a weekly started in the year 1986. It covers the News of Belthangady Taluk. Suddi Bidugade Puttur is a Daily started in the year 1988. It covers the News of Puttur Taluk. Suddi Shikshana Udyoga Mahithi is a fourtnightly education Employment Magazine has circulation all over the state. Suddi Bidugade is the main media of the above respective taluks. Because they cover every village function and events of taluk. They also publish the programme of Govt. officers, Market rate and take up publc issues. They have education job news and various columns to meet the needs of the people. On top of that they represent the news and aspirations of local people and those who reside outside the taluk, state and country. Since everybody associated closely with the local news media suddi bidugade - it almost reaches every house in the respective taluk of its publication. The people who reside outside the taluk, state and country (those who belong to the above taluks) do read our paper regularly by visiting our website suddimahithi &

Suddi news papers are available as e-paper at Suddi online news paper started in the year 2012. Now we have online news paper at coorg ( in adition to sullia (, Puttur ( & Belthangady (


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